Noah's Project

"I hope to be able to continue helping the needy till I grow up, and even when I'm old."
- 10-year-old Noah Pan

An absolutely tender-hearted boy, Noah went on his first HAGAR mission trip to Cambodia when he was only 6 and since then, he's never turned back. Distributing food to families living in the slums, building houses for the homeless, participating in Christmas dramas during these annual trips, Noah's greatest wish in life is to help underprivileged children so that they have food to eat, and are able to get medicine when they are sick.

Bound by the COVID-19 restrictions, group travel since 2020 was suspended but nothing will stop this boy from continuing with the mission. Last Christmas, 10-year-old Noah sold items that he personally crocheted to raised funds in support of the displaced and vulnerable children in Cambodia. Turning his hobby into a fundraising project, the boy spent hours daily during weekends and school holidays to create crochet works for sale. All items were sold out within a day, which was an incredible encouragement to Noah who thought that no one would want to buy his items.

These are some of Noah's previous works


With school commencing, Noah is focusing on his studies and still makes time to crochet. It also helps him to relax as he puts studying aside, and he really wants to help do something for the kids in Cambodia.

Do look out for the next Christmas collection which he is working towards.

Meanwhile, you can lend your support to the children living in the urban slums of Cambodia by clicking here to make a donation.