Yuda, sexual abuse survivor

All mothers want to give their children a good life, and Yuda hoped an opportunity to work in Singapore would help her do just that that. She did not expect to be enslaved into a life of abuse.

Traded between four employers in Singapore, Yuda was kicked, starved and sexually abused; her head was also repeatedly banged against the wall.

She finally found the courage to report the matter to the local police and was subsequently put in a dormitory for migrant domestic workers with ongoing court cases.

The abuse made her mentally and emotionally unfit. She would sometimes talk to herself and easily forgot simple things. Despite this, her agent pressured her to serve another employer during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also lie about her court case to prospective employers.

Yuda heard about HAGAR's tele-counselling service and sought our help. Through numerous sessions over 12 months, our counsellor, psychologist, and psychiatrist helped her manage the effects of her trauma, to find ways to heal from depression and anxiety.

The police have arrested one employer for assault and sexual abuse. Yuda's testimony had some inconsistencies due to her head injuries, and she was afraid they would think she was lying. HAGAR's volunteer lawyers are assisting with her case, and helping to bring the perpetrator to justice.

In April 2021, we arranged for Yuda to return home to care for her 5-year-old daughter and critically ill mother.

As part of our commitment to the whole journey of recovery, we continue to support her and provide job counselling. When you partner with HAGAR, you give the voiceless a voice so their stories can be told, to help them find closure and hope for a better life.