Khadija, mother of four and sole breadwinner

Khadija is from Dasht-e-Barchi in Kabul province. Her husband and two of her four children are disabled, and she juggles a heavy burden trying to care for her family of six whilst also earning money for rent, food and daily essentials.

"I used to get some income from making and selling my embroidery, but there is no more work like that. I hope HAGAR can continue helping us with food and aid because I don't have any other option to feed my family."

Khadija's family is one of thousands HAGAR supported with food aid, cooking stoves and coal, as well as clothes and shoes during the harsh winter. Under the current regime, levels of poverty and destitution have risen significantly – approximately 90% of the Afghan population (~38.9 million people) are poor. Access to basic healthcare is also increasingly restricted or unavailable.

Besides immediate and short-term assistance, HAGAR focuses on poverty reduction for stable households, child protection and education, as well as programmes that teach the most vulnerable women and girls basic literacy, numeracy, and life skills.

When you partner with HAGAR, you make real impact in the lives of Afghan families, helping them move from total dependence on food and material aid to secure livelihoods that break the shackles of poverty.