Dana, human trafficking survivor

Growing up in a poor family in Kandal province, Dana's childhood was spent collecting garbage with her mother, to help support her crippled father and four younger siblings.

A friend told her she could earn more than US$1,000 a month in China and introduced her to an "employment broker". Sadly, the broker smuggled and sold her into marriage to a Chinese man whose family physically and emotionally abused her daily. Dana was so traumatised she began to cut herself in a bid to find release from her living hell. Her husband continued to beat her when she was pregnant and she miscarried.

She begged the broker for help, but instead, she resold Dana to another Chinese man who also abused her. In her most desperate moment, Dana met a Cambodian woman who helped her escape. After more than six months in police custody, she and other women were sent back to Cambodia.

The authorities referred Dana to Hagar Cambodia and she received medical care at their Home of Love shelter. She felt accepted by the counsellors and staff, and found a renewed sense of hope.

HAGAR also managed to locate her family. They had lost all contact with her and thought they would never see her again.

"Thank you HAGAR [and the government] for bringing my daughter back to safety. We are so happy! I'm sorry we have nothing to give everyone, only our gratitude for your help."

Dana experience migraines from the head injuries she sustained. HAGAR is covering the cost of her medical treatment, and helping her find suitable work opportunities.

We are also providing the family with monthly food support until their living conditions improve. When you partner with HAGAR, you reunite families and provide trafficking survivors with the best form of healing – a family's unconditional love.