Aziza, young civil war survivor

When Aziza's father became disabled from a workplace accident, she and her mother did chores in other people's homes to feed their family of 11. Life was tough, but they found ways to fend for themselves. The family was relocated to the IDP Dashte Barchi Camp in Kabul after the regime change.

They kept trying, but there was no work to be found.

As a last resort, her mother took Aziza and the youngest children to the streets to beg for food. This went on for months, and there was often not enough to go around. When HAGAR met them, the family had not eaten for days.

"HAGAR changed our lives like an angel of salvation. We were not begging anymore. I was very grateful, but at the same time I was also stressed, and afraid – what if this stops? Where will we go, what will we do? Every night I cried and prayed for the miracle to continue.

When the aid stopped, Aziza begged her neighbour for flour to make two small loaves of bread. These was given to the youngest children only; it was all there was.

"I don't have the words to tell you what we went through, what we're going through. Please, help us live, or help me get a job or skill so I can take care of my family. They're all I have."

When you partner with HAGAR, you give a family the chance to rebuild their lives, and hope for a tomorrow.