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Critical Surgery Needs

Critical Surgery Needs

SGD 600.00

Acid attacks are increasingly common among the vulnerable communities that HAGAR works in, and the majority of victims are women. Srey (the lady in the photo) was breastfeeding her 7-day-old baby, Nita, when her husband’s mistress sneaked into her house and threw acid on both Srey and her newborn. Mother and child were disfigured by the attack and not just that, the acid melted the baby’s eyes.

Besides the physical scars and the permanent damage to their physical bodies, survivors literally face the painful reminder of the assaults every day. 14 years old now, Nita is conscious of her appearance and faces social challenges. However, she is grateful for the multiple surgeries since the attack that have helped preserve her life. There are many others like Nita who have experienced severe abuse and require surgery. Gift these survivors a chance to a second life with your gift!

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