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Tricked into Prostitution in Singapore

Promised a future that would turn things around for her family, Atin followed a complete stranger to work in a foreign place. He had offered her a job in a restaurant in Malaysia that would provide a good salary. The money could give her children an education and her mother a comfortable life.

Instead, she was trafficked into Singapore and sold to a dealer who forced her to work on the streets of Geylang.
Every night, Atin would prostitute herself. The men were drunk and they did to her body whatever they desired. She died each time a man violated her until she became just a ghost living in a shell. During a police raid, she seized the chance to make a dash and managed to escape. In search of help, she headed to the police station where they certified her identity as a trafficking victim and referred her to HAGAR for assistance.

Atin experienced deep trauma and the memories of what had happened would haunt her. The flashbacks taunted her but with much encouragement she began to emerge from the darkness. She struggled to recount the details during the court trial. It was necessary for prosecuting the dealer and HAGAR provided her with emotional support during these sessions.

Her gift for sewing was apparent while she was here and today she runs a bedsheet-making business that is flourishing, enabling her to comfortably support herself and her family.