Socheata - Slashed and Cut

Funny, confident and bright. These are the words that may come to mind when you meet the talented nineteen-year-old Socheata. But you could never imagine she had experienced extreme abuse, the sort that almost took her life.

Little baby Socheata was abandoned at the hospital. When a woman arrived claiming to be her Godmother, the staff released the baby into her care without any identification check. This lady was however, a stranger and Socheata would not be brought into a loving warm home. Defenseless against this adult, baby Socheata was violently beaten by this Godmother and her nephew.

Noticing constant bruises and cuts on her body, concerned neighbours alerted the police who rescued the young child. By the time the police saved her, Socheata had a broken arm and had experienced head trauma. It was hideous! Both her Godmother and her nephew were arrested, and Socheata was referred to HAGAR’s care.

Socheata was placed with a loving foster family whom HAGAR had trained to care for such severely traumatised kids. It wasn’t an easy time but her foster family was determined to love and care for Socheata. Academically, Socheata was behind because of the years of deprived education but she persisted in school until she finished her final year. Graduating from grade 12, HAGAR helped Socheata find a job placement and secured an apprenticeship at a local boutique salon. Socheata excelled and within 3 months, she was promoted to being an employee and given a pay raise. We are extremely proud of Socheata's achievement and her commitment to hone her skills to excellence.

“Before I started to work here, my economic situation was hard. I didn’t have enough money to support myself. All I had was income from the organisations supporting me. Now I feel proud.”

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