Ranita – A Daughter's Sacrifice

Voice for the Silenced

Faced with her mother’s multiple medical bills and her siblings’ school fees piling up, Ranita agreed to work in Singapore. She thought she would be doing what she loved most – dancing. Instead, she was sold to a club where she was treated like a money-making commodity. Scolded, starved and deprived of rest, an overworked Ranita even had to allow customers to touch and kiss her. The extensive abuse caused her to suffer deep psychological damage.

When she was finally rescued and placed under HAGAR’s care, she bravely went through repeated counselling and therapy sessions to step out of her depressive state and rebuild her self-worth.

In collaboration with local leading designers and fashion artists, a series of scarves was designed, each carrying a message of hope that will speak to a victim in their native language. Pick out a scarf for a perfect gift and "Be A Voice for the Silenced", lending them courage to seek help from their exploitative situation. You could be a lifeline for a trafficking victim entrapped in exploitation.