Longdy - Trafficked at 8 Years Old

Longdy exploited because of his disability, forced to be a street beggar when he was 8 years old.

6 January 2018 marked a joyous day for all of us at HAGAR as we celebrated Longdy's wedding.

Born in Cambodia, Longdy is the second eldest among the six children. When he was 5, Longdy came down with a very high fever. He lost his legs overnight from polio. Finding him a burden, his mother sold him to a broker who trafficked him to Thailand. Longdy was forced to be a street beggar, he was only 8 then.

For five years, life was a living hell for Longdy.

"I would work from 5am until 6pm, sitting and begging for money. When I did not make enough money, the boss beat me and starved me. Some people tried to help me but the boss chained me to the street railings. Even when the police saved me, my mother sold me back to the boss again. This happened many times."

Even after he was referred to HAGAR's care, Longdy continued to reject help until one day when he was moved by his counsellor's kindness and patience, and decided to start over.

With much hard work, Longdy achieved his double degrees in Psychology and the English Language. He is working in Hagar Cambodia now as a counsellor, helping young boys who like him have experienced trauma.

Longdy is one of many whose lives have been transformed because of the faithful support from caring donors. Turn their broken dreams into new beginnings by empowering a survivor today!