Hoang - Married Against Her Will

Eighteen-year-old Hoang is born of an ethnic minority group living in central Vietnam. She had no concept of human trafficking or exploitation and was an innocent young lady who was in need of work.

Targeted for her vulnerability, a woman from a neighbouring village promised her work in China with a good salary. Hoang followed her willingly without knowing that this lady was a broker who was about to traffick her into China to be sold as a bride. The lack of females in China had created a demand for women for marriage and often domestic servitude. Just across the border, Vietnam was a susceptible target with agents preying on unsuspecting victims, just like Hoang.

By the time Hoang realised what was happening, it was too late. She had been sold as a bride to a Chinese man and there was no escaping.

The marriage turned out to be living hell. All Hoang longed for was to return home and her husband’s solution was to beat the homesickness out of her. The abuse became tremendously unbearable and seizing the opportunity when her husband was away, Hoang finally fled with her two children. She had memorised the route from an earlier trip. After nine painful years, Hoang was finally safe from him.

Upon reaching Vietnam, Hoang had to go through the necessary legal procedures to legitimise their status in the country. This would allow her and her children to gain social assistance and access to education, so they could live normal lives and not be fugitives on the run. The police referred Hoang to Hagar Vietnam who mobilised staff from the office in Hanoi to assist Hoang.

HAGAR helped Hoang to secure a job at a supermarket. Burning with shame and inferiority because of her poor literacy, Hoang reluctantly took up the job. It’s been over 6 months since Hoang started work and she recently signed a full-time contract for a 1-year employment.

“I am happy now and I will work my best to keep the job.”

For women like Hoang, their immediate need is for protection where the offender cannot find her. Your gift of a safe shelter will help provide that refuge for a good night’s sleep for survivors of human trafficking.