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Forced into Three Marriages

Tricked by a friend with a false promise of a job, Tien was trafficked across the border into China and forced into marriage with a Chinese man. Her cousin had found a friend who offered to take them into Hanoi. They got into a vehicle and from time to time, Tien would ask if they had reached Hanoi. "Not yet," they said. Before she knew it, they had crossed over into China.

Over a period of two years, Tien was made to marry three different Chinese men. They were violent and would beat her up. She made many attempts to escape but only suffered more brutality. Depressed and with no way out, Tien wanted to take her life because she could not see any good future. The shame she endured was unbearable and a deep sense of emptiness overwhelmed her. All her dreams and values had been destroyed.

After managing to escape, Tien returned to her hometown but she faced severe discrimination from her community. The disdain tore her from her neighbours but Hagar did not give up on her and inspired her to pursue her ambition and her dreams. She felt protected and cared for and was empowered to continue her elementary education.

Tien did well in her studies and completed middle school, but was faced with the dilemma of providing for the family or finishing high school. Hagar counselled Tien and her family, discussing about the future and education plans. She is now studying in high school and hopes to become a social worker. Determined to achieve her dream, she is ready to take on extra classes and learning courses.