Channey - Saved from Imminent Paralysis

Channey and Mummy Thyda at hospital, to receive consultation and treatment for spina bifida and prevent imminent paralysis, now back in Phnom Penh and recovering well from the surgery.

Six-year-old Channey and Mummy Thyda have been dealt with some of life's harshest blows. Yet they continue to laugh and take on the challenges with courage.

With the help of HAGAR, little Channey received the medical assessments needed to diagnose the pain she had been living with for 5 years. Back in Cambodia, the doctors had done everything they could to their best ability and the latest diagnosis was imminent paralysis. We flew both Mummy and Channey to Singapore and the girl received surgery. Spina bifida, a congenital disorder that cannot be corrected, but the surgery will help improve her quality of life and reduce the excruciating pain she frequently felt.

Mummy Thyda was extremely strong throughout the recovery period. She recounted the harrowing years when they lived only on rice and soy sauce because all the money she earned went to buying the medicines for little Channey. In fact, Mummy Thyda is a real hero. Earlier in life, she had been raped and later conceived Channey. But she is determined to love her daughter and give her the best life possible.

Channey managed to get the medical attention she needs, but there are still others who need medical care and treatment in order to get well and live on. For our clients, they cannot afford the luxury of healthcare insurance. Whenever such emergencies occur, the financial anxiety can be overwhelming. Please come to their aid and donate to provide the essential surgery that is needed to save them.