Anisha – An Escape Turned Wrong

Voice for the Silenced

Things hurtled downhill for Anisha the moment she turned 14. Married off to a good-for-nothing man who was 22 years older than her, she was forced to become a breadwinner well before she was even an adult.

Escaping to Singapore seemed like the only way out of her nightmare – but it was wishful thinking on her part.

Anisha ended up as a pawn in a trafficker’s game. Working at a club, she had to perform without breaks and accede to customers’ demands – including sexual ones. Things spiraled out of control when her boss forced her to send romantic voice messages to patrons. He then cruelly used these messages to blackmail and sow discord between her and her husband.

When Anisha was rescued, she sunk into a state of emotional isolation for over a year. But the support and encouragement she received from HAGAR eventually paid off when she picked herself up and started on English lessons. And no matter how long this journey to recovery may be, HAGAR will be there beside Anisha every step of the way.

In collaboration with local leading designers and fashion artists, a series of scarves was designed, each carrying a message of hope that will speak to a victim in their native language. Pick out a scarf for a perfect gift and "Be A Voice for the Silenced", lending them courage to seek help from their exploitative situation. You could be a lifeline for a trafficking victim entrapped in exploitation.