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Abused by a Perverse Spouse

Amena's dreams of a happy and loving marriage was shattered when she discovered that she had married a violent man. His obsession with control was so intense he would beat up Amena and the 2 children if they did not obey him.

As their daughter grew up, he began to act strangely around her. He made her sleep away from her mother, going against Afghan tradition where all women sleep in the same room for safety. He raped her when she was 14 and would follow her to school, slapping her if she was not the first girl out. Teachers noticed the bruises on her body but instructed her to say she had fallen when they learnt the truth.
Confiding in her in-laws, Amena tried to flee from her husband's clutches. He brought back the daughter and raped her while watching pornography and made her repeat what was played in the videos.

He manages to skirt the laws and evade legal action because of the powerful tribe he came from. Contacts in his network would prevent any action from being taken against him and even the general attorney was under his influence. Amena and her two children are being protected under HAGAR's Transitional Care Centre and the kids receive in-house tutoring because it is too risky for them to attend the public school when he continues lying in wait for them.