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Exploited Because of His Disability

Longdy, 25, is one such survivor, and he shared his story in person when he was in Singapore in August 2015. At the tender age of three, he lost his legs to polio. When Longdy was 8, his mother sold him to a broker for money to pay off her gambling debts. He was trafficked across the border from Cambodia into Thailand, and was forced to beg on the streets. People would give money to him because of his disability.

Over a period of five years, a few well-meaning tourists tried to help him. But each time, the attempts were stopped by the broker who transported him to many locations on a truck at night so he could not access help. Even after multiple arrests by Thai authorities which sent him home each time, Longdy was re-trafficked multiple times.

Today, Longdy is pursuing a psychology degree at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. During his free time, he serves as a Hagar mentor to young boys who have suffered similar abuse like him.

Find out through the various gifts as you read more on how Longdy eventually broke free from the vicious cycle of trafficking with Hagar's help. The journey was not easy, but in Longdy's life, we witness recovery is possible.

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