Empower a Survivor (2017/2018)

HAGAR walks the whole journey of recovery and restoration with survivors of extreme human rights abuse. The goal is to restore and enable each survivor to live empowered and productive lives in their chosen community. With education and skills, they are better positioned to break free from the cycle of poverty.

For boys like Rithy, he grew up scavenging for scraps in the garbage and drugs fed by the street gangs after he was orphaned at a tender age. Life was meaningless when his mother tried to drown him and his grandfather who loved him, passed away. Angry and bitter with every one who tried to help him, Rithy spurned many well-meaning intentions.

But HAGAR did not give up and persisted in being available for him. 20 years later, today, Rithy is a fine young man at 32 years old, determined to use his medical skills to bring healthcare to the poor people living in the slums.

Join them in their recovery journey with support from your regular giving or pave the way for an aspiring student with an education scholarship and watch them mount up with wings like eagles to reach their full potential.

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